Golf Etiquette


  • All players must register at the Golf Shop before play.
  • Slower players are requested to allow faster players to play through.
  • All players must play from their own bags.
  • The maximum number of motorized carts in a party is two.
  • From May 15 to October 15, all play will start on the first tee.
  • All golfers must wear acceptable golf attire.
  • No golfer will be allowed on the course with bare feet.
  • Soft spikes are required.
  • Repair all ball marks and divots.
  • Rake all bunkers, including footprints. Please leave rakes outside of bunkers.
  • Motorized carts may be driven only by persons with a valid driver’s license, over the age of 16.
  • No children may sit in a motorized cart unattended at any time.
  • No carts on tees or greens, please follow designated cart paths.
  • Members must turn in all scores to be eligible for Club-sponsored events.
  • Play without membership is limited to 8 times per season.
  • Players are responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by golf balls they hit. Report damage or injuries to the Golf Shop.

Local Rules

  • A ball Out of Bounds on or across the tar surface of a highway.
  • Hole #1 – tee shot toward tennis courts must call FORE.
  • Hole #5 – tee shot onto the property on right must inform pro shop.
  • Hole #6 – tee shot hitting house on right must inform pro shop.