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Membership Information

The Castine Golf Club is a private club that is open to the public. The Club provides recreational and social opportunities through separately organized activities in golf, tennis, and yachting. The Club strives to be a positive asset to the community, offering specific programs for youth and encouraging participation from the community at large.

Membership in the Club requires a one-time initiation fee of $2,000 for all senior members over age 35  ($1,000 for intermediate members between ages 23 and 35). The initiation fee is payable over 5 years, or a 20% discount is applied if the fee is paid in full by July 1 ($1,600/$800). More information is available in the pro shop, call 326-8844.

Annual Club Fees

All members pay Annual Club Dues to maintain membership.

Family: $900
Single: $450
Intermediate: $225
Junior: $125
Inactive: $100

Family memberships are available for senior and intermediate members and their unmarried children under the age of 23. Children's privileges extend only to those activities to which the family has subscribed. Grandchildren are not covered by their grandparent's activity fees.

Activity Fees

Members participating in specific Club activities pay a fee for each activity.

Family Single Intermediate Junior
Golf $1400 $700 $350 $150/250
Tennis $500 $250 $125 $175
Yachting $800 $400 $200 $175

Castine Golf Club
200 Battle Avenue, PO Box 34, Castine, Maine 04421

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