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The Castine Golf Club is a welcoming place for friends and families to enjoy golf, tennis, and sailing.  Joining the Club and its various activities allows members unlimited access to facilities, tournaments, races, patio dining, and social events. We offer a flexible menu of participation in activities so that you can tailor your summer experience to your and your family’s interests.

We invite you to explore membership in the Castine Golf Club by contacting us through the Golf Shop at 207-326-8844  or

We look forward to talking with you about membership and welcoming you and your family to the Club.

New Member Information & Form

Incorporated in 1916, the Castine Golf Club offers membership opportunities and activities including golf, tennis and yachting. The Club is a welcoming place for family and friendship and an asset to the Castine community, offering programs for youths and adults.

Membership in the Club requires a one-time initiation fee of $1,600 per adult member (ages 35 and over) or $2,000 if paid over five years. Initiation fees are payable by July 1.

Intermediate Membership (ages 23 to 34) requires no initiation fee.

Junior Membership (ages 22 and under) requires no initiation fee.

Please contact or call 207-326-8844 for more information.

Non-Member Information

During the summer season (July and August) non-member play is limited to 5 rounds of golf and 5 sessions of tennis per person for adults over 18.  Two of these times may be member events.  House guests staying at a member’s home may play 3 additional times if they are accompanied by the member/host.  All members and non-members must register at the golf or tennis shop before play.


Annual Club Dues

All members pay Annual Club Dues to maintain membership. Family memberships are available for senior and intermediate members and their unmarried children ages 22 and under. Children’s privileges extend only to those activities to which the family has subscribed. Grandchildren are not covered by their grandparent’s activity fees.

Family: $1155
Single: $605
Intermediate: $275
Junior: $187
Inactive: $154

Annual Activity Fees

Members may choose among the three activity areas: Golf, Tennis and Yacht or any combination of the three. A purely social membership is also available. Charges for all youth/adult clinics are additional.

Annual Dues and Activity Fees are nonrefundable.


Family Single Intermediate Junior
Golf $2030 $1325 $375 $215
Tennis $760 $540 $245 $215
Yachting $975 $565 $245 $215

Please call our office at 207-326-8844 or email us at for more information

Noah Tapley - Club Manager

Noah Tapley is a class A PGA Professional who attended Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina and graduated with a degree in business management. Noah has over 15 years of experience with golf instruction and the golf industry. He is certified in golf instruction by the PGA, TPI certified, and GolfPsych certified.

Kate Ross - Assistant Club Manager