Tennis Rates

 Non-Member Information

(A non-member is anyone who has not joined the tennis activity)

During the summer season (July and August) non-member play is limited to 5 rounds of golf and 5 sessions of tennis per person for adults over 18. Two of these times may be member events.  House guests staying at a member’s home may play 3 additional times if they are accompanied by the member/host.  All members and non-members must register at the golf or tennis shop before play.

One hour Private Lesson
(by appointment)
Members: $75
Non-members: $95
(5 times only)
Adult Clinics Members: $20
Non-members: $40
(5 times only)
Junior Clinics Members: $15
Non-members: $20
Tournament Fee
Round Robin & Mixer Fee
Court Rental Non-member: $45
Guest Fee
Non-member: $20

Please see “Non-Member Information” for play restrictions.